Tuesday, June 21, 2011


            Who is the Superhero of Love?  That’s what this world really needs.  Not another Superman, Spiderman sequel.  I don’t need someone to come and leap tall buildings in a single bound, or move faster than a locomotive.  I wish I could be that Superhero of  Love.  Able to mend broken hearts with a single hug…Able to fall in love with a single word.  I could bring comfort to a lost soul, like mine, faster than a falling tear…before it ever hits the ground.  I could stop that pain, that hurt…that horrible feeling in the stomach you get that never lets you go…or stop those countless bullets that shoot down your future…I could wipe those memories away so that you could get a peaceful sleep with your pillow dry.  I wish I could run faster than a speeding thought of her lies, of her scent, of her voice so that the pain doesn’t dwell in your heart forever.  Why can’t there be a hero for Love?  Give me arms with the strength to give a love greater than the one lost.   
            If I could be the Superhero of Love, I could bring him back to you…turn back time to that moment before you made your mistake.  People would care less if I could keep a bridge from falling, a building from collapsing, a ship from sinking.  What they really want is to keep from falling to their knees and begging, stopping those constant thoughts of suicide, and having the hope that one day you will love again.    
            I could make Daddy love Mommy, so that Daddy didn’t hit her no more, or leave your life for good.  I could make a family whole again.  I could bring back that time when you still thought that she loved you.  If I could be the Superhero of Love, I could keep families from falling apart.  I could bring everyone home for dinner.  I could bring parents to your baseball games, or to your back-to-school night.  I could keep your brother from thinking nobody loves him, and this time he would stay out of jail and you can sleep good at night knowing he’s safe in his bed at home. 
If I could be the Superhero of Love my kiss would take away the drugs, the alcohol, the bad things you do to keep the pain away.  I would make it so the people you see walking down the street would look back at you like you’re a human being. 

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