Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Deep Thoughts

Below are a list of quotes I have said over the years.  As a teacher I am always using these quotes to help my students. Students at all levels enjoy small bits of information and inspiration. It is much easier to swallow and retain small bites rather than trying to eat life's lesson in one bite...you might choke yourself to death. So here are my bite-sized messages for you to snack on.

-In loves eyes we see many things. But what we often fail to see is the end.

-The reason the ones who love you most try so hard to protect you is it's about seeing something in you they don't see in themselves; thus, wanting to protect that.
-In our fight for equality we have forgotten a personal goal of being great. And today what Chicano people need isn't equality, but great people to lift us out of poverty and despair. As it stands today in America we are only equal in the sense that we are equally left to find our own way.
-There are no giant men, only giant hearts.
-The mind is where it wants to be. If it wants to suffer it will suffer. If it wants to rejoice it will rejoice. If it wants to heal it will heal. In this life you can't expect anything, and you can't ask for much, but you can always feel however you WILL.
-I have always been more inclined to believe that all we do is love; hate is just a confused version of it.

-I am whatever you say i am, because when i am gone i won't be around to say you're wrong.

-I won't say anyone can be anything they want, but I will say anyone can be better than they are...even greater than they ever imagined.

-Gratitude is too often overlooked, but it is a quality that truly builds both the person who gives it and the one who receives it.

-In our weakest moments we discover our greatest strength.

-Take courage, be compassionate, have hope, and give love.

-Strength is what you have when you have nothing left...how great that strength depends on what you've done with your life.

-History has taught us that Laws aren't the problem. Laws in the hands of prejudice people are the problem. Even when this country legally believed in Separate but Equal, it was always separate, but NEVER equal. People are prejudice and racist; and when frustrated with the way a group of people behave they will act and/or see with greater accordance against that group. The ongoing pressure of constantly being reminded that you are unwanted, whether legal or illegal, is what breaks the will of Chicano youth. It takes FORTITUDE to endure it throughout our life. Where Whites never experience this pressure, we are called to be better. Unfortunately, we are not all granted the gift of fortitude and magnanimous attitude. Once again, as Chicanos we begin our race 1 foot in the hole and carrying a burden. We are not free to run the same race our White competitors are in this marathon.

-What is love? it is that last ounce of strength...that last breath you
take...that dieing feeling...that final prayer...that promise to give
it all away for one more day...love is the most difficult part of life,
but it is the only thing that makes life worth living.

-Success doesn't look for you, and you can't search for it. It is
something you find in diligent hard work.

-Jealousy is just lack of motivation.

-I am not a walk in the park, i am a journey. i am not a moment, i am a life changing experience. you will love me & hate me. i cannot be taken lightly, i will weigh heavy on your mind. i am the greatest challenge you will take.TAKE IT!

-We all cheer for our hero when he rises for us.  But when he falls We all line up to cast stones...and there is no one to rise for him when he is falling. 

-Though we may be able to move on from our past, we should never move beyond.
-At times I feel as though I've acted with impunity...Today, I am trying to act as though my actions affect those around me. I have always felt that when we feel responsible over others we become better people...citizens...and leaders.
-To decide, and to be confident are closely related. Their relationship in you will make your life a mess or bliss.

-Help comes in many different forms and at many different times. However, know this, it will always come when you want it to come when you help yourself.

-Always say thank you, so that you may be welcomed.
-Sometimes your biggest obstacle is you. Who knows or understands the depth of your heart and soul? One thing for sure, you need to find a place within yourself to come clean about who you are, where you want to be and how to get there. All things are hopeless until you decide.

-You will find victory when you expect the unexpected; and execute unexpectedly.

-When we are high upon a mountain we cannot afford to stumble. Our valleys are deep & difficult to climb out of.Therefore we must walk humble close to the ground.

-The more you hate the less room you have in your heart to love. Kids, do more loving and you will be loved more; do more hating and you will be hated more.

-Great things happen in critical moments when put in the hands of courageous and capable people.

-My only true commodity is my courage...for without that I wouldn't have done much with my life and you wouldn't know much about me.

-If I could find out where courage comes from I'd be rich. In as much as I can ascertain I can only guess that courage comes from having great fear and acknowledging it.

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