Tuesday, June 21, 2011


When I was younger I Dreamed.  I dreamed to be bigger, older, stronger.  I dreamed to not be so poor anymore.  I dreamed to not struggle again.  I dreamed of being Spiderman, Superman, or any superhero that was strong enough to save lives and standup to the bullies on my street. 
When I was younger I dreamed of no more tears.  I dreamed too never be hungry—I wanted to eat anytime I wanted to eat, and any food I felt like eating.  I dreamed of a better job for my Dad so that my mother would stay home instead of work.  I dreamed of better days than those hard painful ghetto days. 
I dreamed of hitting a baseball out of Chavez Ravine.  I dreamed of Dodger Blue and a shinny new white uniform with my name on it.  I dreamed of Sugar-Ray Leonard…and one day knocking him out.  I dreamed of being the next great champ. 
I dreamed…and these dreams were deferred.  I’m who I am now…wondering, Is it too late for me to still dream.  There’s no time for dreams.  There’s no time for sleep.  All I do now is live.  And now when I look out at the crowd of students I wonder what dreams they will leave behind and why…and if they knew what I know…would they cry too?     

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