Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Now That I'm Happy

It seems that there is no real relief from the pain of a broken heart.  How does one just stop the hurt?  I mean if it were possible what would that really say about love?  Could we ever love someone forever if it didn’t hurt to lose him or her?  We would come and go out of relationships like nothing if there was nothing to lose.
            When I was a young wrestler facing an opponent that my coaches were certain I was the underdog they would always say, “You got nothing to lose.”  I guess they figured that because I had nothing to lose I wouldn’t have any pressure and be able to relax enough to pull out the victory. 
            In contrary to all that, when I was in college a very wise coach told me, “If you’ve got nothing to lose then why are you out there…what are you fighting for?”  Well, sometimes in love there are those of us who love with nothing to lose, and there are those who love with everything to lose.  I am the latter. 

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