Thursday, December 8, 2011

Why Are Babies Born In The Ghetto?

Why are babies born in the ghetto?
Is it because we want them to suffer along side with us?
Do we want to see them hungry, bullied, and struggling?
Do we want to leave them home alone while we work?
Is there some pleasure in seeing yourself fail—it’s true,
Your seeds will grow according to your care.

Why are babies born in the ghetto?
Tell me please…I want to know?
I want to know why the baby has no father.
I want to know why the momma isn’t home.
I want to know why there are brothers and sisters;
Didn’t the first baby tell you they were enough to handle?

Why are babies born in the ghetto?
Does the ghetto need them to survive?
Does the ghetto cry and night
some sweet music that makes lovers love carelessly?
Does the ghetto die if no more babies are born inside?

Please!  Please!  Please!  Tell me why!
If none of us would choose to live there,
Then why would you think anyone would want to be born there?
Why was I born in the ghetto?
Was I born to suffer, have hunger, and struggle?
Was I born in hopes to get us out with some extraordinary talent?
Was I born to be extraordinary?
Was I born to be better than where I came from?

Why are babies born in the ghetto?
It’s not fair to ask them to be so strong.
It’s not fair that they have no choice.
If we gave babies a choice would they be prolife?
If you ask this ghetto baby,
I’d rather have my soul passed from womb to heaven
And avoided the ghetto altogether.
Or perhaps my soul could be patient for the right time to be born.
If God’s plan is for me to be great and I don’t,
I’m sure God has got plan B if I don’t succeed.

I don’t care about abortion or murder.
I don’t care about prolife or prochoice.
I just want to know why babies are born in the ghetto?