Thursday, February 12, 2015

Flash Flood

When love comes like a flash flood
to the desert in our hearts,
we enjoy the wet rain so much
we ignore the storm

and enjoy the dry pain being washed away.
Being so dry in our hearts that cracks appear,
like on chapped lips no one wants to kiss.
Our thirsty hearts feel drenched
and often it is too late when we realize
that a flood has developed
and is taking us away,

and all we can do is not drown.
And if we are strong enough
to keep our head above our heart
we end up far from where we were
and left hung out to dry,

but alive.
Alive, we stand along the shore,
and the only thing we have to wonder is,
“Was it worth risking going out in the storm; or should I have stayed indoors?”
But we are alive.